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Terms & Conditions
We are committed to provide the safest and most comfortable environment for all of our students during all of our courses, therefore, the following policies are in place according to the current Yoga Alliance policy standards.


Bookings can be made through our direct booking widget found on our website or can be made in writing by email to please include all necessary details for us to ensure maximum efficiency. We will respond within one business day.


Inhale Yoga Retreats reserves the right to charge  Non-Refundable €500 Deposit  to secure all course slots. Any remaining balance will be payable up until 60 days prior to the course start date. Payment plans are available on request.


Inhale Yoga Retreats is offering FREE UNLIMITED DATE CHANGES & FREE CANCELLATION ( *Read T&C's ) for all yoga teacher training courses up until 30 days prior to the course start date

1) ALL COURSE SLOTS will be secured with a non-refundable €500 deposit. In the event that you need to cancel the course, this deposit will not be refundable.


2) REMAINING BALANCE due up until 60 days prior to the course start date. We will send a reminder email prior to the 60 day mark. We also reserve the right to cancel your spot if we haven’t received your final payment by the 60 day prior mark. Payment plans are available on request. If you do not submit full payment in the required time, or do not cancel your registration or respond to our emails, Inhale Yoga Retreats reserves the right to keep all payments received.


3) CANCELLATION needs to be requested up until 30 days prior to the course start date and the course payment is refundable but not the €500 deposit.


4) DATE CHANGES needs to be requested up until 30 days prior to the course start date. You can change to courses scheduled in the future dependant on availability. For any new requested dates, there will be a €500 fee to secure your spot and the original €500 deposit is non-transferable.


5) CANCELLING WITHIN 30 DAYS prior to the course start date, the deposit and course payment is non-refundable but we can transfer your original deposit and course payment to future course dates for an additional €500 fee.

6) There is no penalty fee for cancelling up until 30 days prior to the course start date but in addition to the sums detailed above, the Seller shall be entitled to retain any fees incurred processing any refunds. Refunds can take up to 30 days to process.


Students are encouraged to have 100% attendance. However, we understand that students have important commitments outside of the classroom. Should extenuating circumstances impact attendance, students are permitted to miss class, provided they work with the program director to make up any missed hours following the below guidelines:

Missing Training Hours: Each student can miss 20 hours of our yoga training program. These missed hours must be rescheduled, included in the cost of the program. If more than 20hrs of training is missed, the student must schedule make-up sessions at a rate of Eur 100 per hour to graduate from the program.

Tardiness: Any student who is late for class by more than 15 minutes will be docked an hour from their training hours and need to make up at the rate of Eur 100 per hour.


Withdrawal Policy: If a student wishes to withdrawal from our program for any reason, they must first contact the program director to discuss their reasons for withdrawal. Refunds will be given in accordance with the program’s refund policy.

Termination from Program: The program may decide to terminate any student’s participation in the program if:

(1) false information was used in the admission process that materially affects the program;

(2) a student missed more than 20% of any subject category;
(3) a student is absent for more than 2 consecutive days without contacting the program director;
(4) the student fails to make timely payments of tuition;
(5) the student is unable to pass a test after being given 3 attempts.

If the program decides to end the student’s participation in the program, the student is not entitled to any prior payments or fees. All prior payments and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Termination from Program: Bad Conduct; No refunds will be given if the program removes a student from the program for bad conduct. Bad conduct is violation of the Code of Conduct, gossip, harassment, bullying, or any other behavior that is inappropriate or disruptive to the welfare of the program or to fellow students.


Please consider travel insurance to protect yourself in the case of injury, illness, travel disruptions or the inability to attend for any other reason.



We cannot accept any liability where the booking could not be fulfilled due to circumstances which we could not, even with due care, have foreseen or avoided. Such events may include, but are not limited to, war, threat of war, civil commotion or strife, hostilities, natural disaster, fire, act of god, terrorist activities, technical problems with transportation, flight cancellations, closures of airports, ports and/or ferries, quarantine, epidemics, weather conditions, government action or other events outside our control.


In any event due to unforeseen circumstances like natural disaster, illness, civil unrest, death, COVID-19 restrictions but not limited to the above. Our Inhale Yoga Retreats team reserves the right to make any changes to our courses, including schedules, teachers or property but not limited to these.

If the Buyer wants to completely cancel the retreat based on any changes, normal cancellation policies will apply. Inhale Yoga Retreats is not responsible for reimbursing you or refunding you for any amount paid if you decide to cancel based on any changes.



- Inhale Yoga Retreats is not responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of trip cancellation or postponement including airline tickets, visas or any other expenses.

- Inhale Yoga Retreats reserves the right to cancel any trip prior to the course start date in the event that the minimum students requirement is not met, in which case you will be given a full refund for both your deposit and course payment or can be transferred to new course dates without penalty.



Inhale Yoga Retreats reserves the right to modify its rates for economic purposes, such as fluctuations in currency, inflation, or an increase in supplier costs. Any changes in rates will not affect courses or bookings that have already been confirmed by Inhale Yoga Retreats. In the event that Inhale Yoga Retreats, under exceptional circumstances, is unable to provide the guest with the agreed rooms on arrival, Inhale Yoga Retreats will provide a room of equal or superior quality at no extra charge.



Upon check-in guests will receive a security wristband for access to both the retreat and their room. Wrist bands must be handed back to reception on check-out. Failure to return the wristbands, will result in a €10 charge added to your final invoice.


Guests may use secure lockers next to their beds, however it remains the guest's responsibility to ensure that their personal belongings are secure at all times. Inhale Yoga Retreats accepts no liability for the loss, theft or damage to property however sustained or caused.


Due to unfavourable weather conditions, or any other reason, Inhale Yoga Retreats yoga teachers may reschedule or cancel any yoga training classes without giving advance notice to the buyer. Inhale Yoga Retreats and their staff reserve the right to photograph/videography our students during the entire course. By taking part in a the course and/or being at the location, the buyer gives their full consent to such photographs/videos being taken. The buyer agrees that Inhale Yoga Retreats may use such photographs/videos for commercial, publicity and advertising purposes. The buyer acknowledges that they have no right to any payment or fees in respect of any photographs/videos sold.


Inhale Yoga Retreats will provide surf equipment to use without charge for all guests who have booked that option to be included within their all-inclusive package. If the buyer wishes to use the surf equipment, they must provide Inhale Yoga Retreats and/or the staff with a signed personal waiver form available from reception declaring they have understood the terms of rental, damage policies and personal liability. The equipment must be returned in the same condition it was when the buyer received it and to the satisfaction of Inhale Yoga Retreats management and/or the staff. Where the management and/or the staff are unsatisfied with the condition of the returned surf equipment by the buyer, the buyer shall on request and in any event before their check-out date be deemed responsible for the cost incurred for any necessary repairs. Inhale Yoga Retreats may charge the supplied credit card provided any monies owed by the buyer in ration to damage or theft of surf equipment. Inhale Yoga Retreats and/or the staff shall accept no responsibility for loss, damage or harm caused to the buyer, other persons, any property or the like as a result of the buyer’s use of the equipment and/or personal Items, unless such loss, damage or harm was caused by the negligence of Inhale Yoga Retreats and/or the staff. Inhale Yoga Retreats and/or the staff shall accept no liability for the loss, damage or theft of any Personal Items.


The comfort, safety and security of our guests is of paramount importance to Inhale Yoga Retreats. Any student(s) who, in the opinion of our staff, compromise the comfort, safety or security of other students or any staff - will be requested to leave the retreat premises and will not be offered a refund. Guests are expected to respect other guests, staff, property, act in an acceptable manner and follow all local laws. Failure of any individual to do so will result in the expulsion from the course and loss of deposits.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside our building, bedrooms or shared rooms. We do however provide our guests with the exclusive use of our outdoor areas, garden and balconies, where smoking is permitted and ash trays are provided. Any guest found smoking within the building or common inside lounge areas will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will not be offered a refund.


All bookings are subject to availability and Inhale Yoga Retreats reserves the right to decline or cancel any course booking at its discretion.


Harassment Against Members of Protected Class

We do not permit managers, employees, teachers, independent contractors, students, or others in the workplace to harass any other person because of age, gender (including pregnancy), race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, genetic information, or any other basis proscribed by law. Harassment is unwelcome verbal or non-verbal conduct, based upon a person’s protected characteristic, that (i) denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward the person because of the characteristic and which affects their employment opportunities or benefits; (ii) has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with their work performance; (iii) enduring the offensive conduct becomes a condition of continued employment; or (iv) has the purpose or effect of creating a work environment that a reasonable person would consider intimidating, hostile, or abusive. Harassment includes epithets, slurs, name calling, negative stereotyping, insults, intimidation, ridicule, threatening, intimidating or hostile acts, denigrating jokes, and display in the workplace of written or graphic material that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual or group based on their protected characteristic. Petty slights, annoyances, and isolated minor incidents may not rise to the level of harassment.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

We do not tolerate sexual harassment in our studio. Sexual harassment refers to any unwelcome sexual attention, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature when:
(a) submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s employment;
(b) submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting such individual;
(c) such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance; or
(d) such conduct has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.
Examples of sexual harassment include unwanted and unnecessary physical contact; offensive remarks (including unwelcome comments about appearance); obscene jokes or other inappropriate use of sexually offensive language; the display in the studio of sexually suggestive objects or pictures; and unwelcome sexual advances by teachers, students, customers, clients, or other visitors to a studio. Non-physical gesture, behavior, unnecessary physical contact, verbal suggestion, or innuendo may constitute sexual harassment.

Sexual Misconduct

We prohibit sexual misconduct in our studio. Sexual misconduct is any unwelcome sexual advance including requests for sexual favors, sexual touching, and verbal, visual, or physical conduct that creates a sexually hostile environment in a yoga class or studio. Sexual misconduct exists if a teacher engages in conduct that has the result of requiring a student to submit to such conduct to obtain any benefit or privilege relating to the study or teaching of yoga. While it is not possible to list all the circumstances that may constitute sexual misconduct, the following are examples of misconduct:

Verbal Harassment
• Unwanted sexual teasing, stories, jokes, remarks, or questions
• Sexual comments, stories or innuendo
• Turning work discussions to sexual topics
• Asking about sexual fantasies, preferences, or history
• Asking personal questions about social or sexual life
• Sexual comments about a person’s clothing, anatomy, or looks
• Telling lies or spreading rumors about a person’s personal sex life.
• Referring to an individual as a doll, babe, sweetheart, honey, or similar term
• Repeatedly asking a person out on dates who is not interested
• Unwanted letters, telephone calls, or sending materials of a sexual nature
• Stalking on social media
• Unwanted pressure for sexual favors Non-Verbal Harassment
• Blocking a person’s path or following
• Giving unwelcome personal gifts
• Displaying sexually suggestive materials
• Making sexual gestures with hands or through body movements
• Unwanted sexual looks or gestures Physical Harassment
• Hugging, kissing, patting, or stroking
• Touching or rubbing oneself sexually around another person
• Unwanted deliberate touching, leaning over, cornering, or pinching
• Giving an unwanted massage
• Sexually oriented asana adjustments or touch
• Promising enlightenment or special teachings or status in exchange for sexual favors • Actual or attempted rape or sexual assault.

Romantic Relationships Between Teachers and Students

Teachers shall not invite, respond to, or allow any sexual or romantic conduct with a student during the period of the teacher-student relationship. 




By agreeing to the terms outlined here, I hereby release and discharge my rights and claims for damages or liabilities that may occur as a result of participation on Inhale Yoga Retreats course.


In consideration of the acceptance of my offer to participate in yoga teacher training, surfboard rental and surf lessons at Inhale Yoga Retreats, I have read, understood, approved and agree to the following terms and conditions:


None of the following Medical conditions apply to me…








1. I accept that the activities of yoga & surfing carries with it some degree of risk both to the person and property. Knowing the risk involved, I still wish to register for the Inhale Yoga Retreats course and so expressly agree to assume the risk of injury or damage while participating in these activities


2. I release, waive and hold harmless Inhale Yoga Retreats, its officers, agents and/or employees from all claims, losses, damages or expenses during or in conjunction with my participation in Inhale Yoga Retreats courses or surfboard rental, including any claims for damage caused by the negligence of Inhale Yoga Retreats, its officers, agents and/or employees, together with any cost including legal fees that may be incurred as a result of any such claims, losses, damages or expenses whether valid or not.


3. I also indemnify Inhale Yoga Retreats, its officers, agents and/or its employees against all claims losses damages, expenses or claim that any one or more of their executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors or assignees may have and against any costs including legal fees that may be incurred as a result of any such claims, losses damages or expenses whether valid or not.


4. If I am not a resident of Portugal or Sri Lanka, I declare that I will not avoid Conditions (2.) or (3.) by commencing any legal action in another country.


5. I declare and confirm that I am physically fit and have no conditions or injury that could be affected by this activity (as previously stated).


6. I hereby consent to receive medical treatment which may be deemed necessary by Inhale Yoga Retreats in the case of injury, accident or illness during the course of undertaking the yoga teacher training courses, surfboard rental or surfing lessons and also agree to indemnify Inhale Yoga Retreats in the respect of such medical treatment.


7. I accept responsibility for the surfing equipment during all times, including surfboard, fins, leash and rash shirt in which Inhale Yoga Retreats has allocated to my name. I hereby agree to pay for repairs or replacement in such case of negligence.


8. I agree that any films, sound or other recording of my yoga teacher training course and surfing lessons will not be used in any promotion or advertising without the prior consent of Inhale Yoga Retreats. I also agree the company itself may use such recordings as it deems fit without any prior consent.


9. I agree that this agreement shall be governed in all respect by and in accordance with the laws of in either Portugal or Sri Lanka.

10. Inhale Yoga Retreats will carry no responsibility or liability for any participant who leaves the training prior to its conclusion and for any activity undertaken by any participant which is not included on the trip itinerary.

All information provided on this site is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute a legal contract between this site and any person or entity unless otherwise specified. information on this site is subject to change without prior notice at any time and you should therefore visit regularly to view recent changes. These conditions on this page shall be deemed invalid, if they been outdated by new updates, although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, we make no guarantees of any kind.

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