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New York born Vari has been teaching students and training yoga teachers internationally for nearly 15 years. Through his own study of yoga, Vari was deeply inspired by those who dedicated their lives to a yogic lifestyle in search of an understanding of true consciousness. His teaching talent comes from his ability to encourage students out of their comfort zone. With his warm and energetic personality, Vari inspires students to experience their full inner potential.

Vari has successfully completed 200hr Hatha YTT with Shakti Mhi at Prana Yoga Teacher College, 300hr Yoga Outreach YTT, 100hr Lila Vinyasa YTT with Clara Roberts Oss and Exhale 50hr Yin YTT. 

Vari believes that 200hr teacher trainings are a way to catapult people far beyond their self limiting beliefs, build strong foundations, so that even after the training is complete, they leave with tools and support to keep doing the work, being inspired and held. 


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Lead Teacher Trainer Vari Morales 

In his 20s, he was seeking spiritual growth and looked for meaning and purpose in life, so he volunteered at Kripalu Center for 1 year of Karma Yoga. During his time at Kripalu, Vari studied with many teachers and learned about various philosophies in yoga and Thai massage. He delved into studies about energy, breath work, observing the self, intentions, letting go; allowing yoga to work its subtle magic, see our true selves, and experience pure unlimited potential. Vari’s teaching style is influenced by his many years of yoga practice, experiences at Kripalu and numerous pilgrimages to India while he studied in Mysore, Rishikesh, and Dharamsala.

Through his own study of yoga, Vari was deeply inspired by those who dedicated their lives to a yogic lifestyle in search of an understanding of true consciousness. His teaching talent comes from his ability to encourage students out of their comfort zone. With his warm and energetic personality, Vari inspires students to experience their full inner potential. Vari is known for his warmth and charisma, powerful energy, effective hands-on adjustment, chanting and inspirational talks. Vari has over 15 years of teaching experience and his classes are a truly transformational experience !

yin Yoga & Philosophy Teacher Dee Bell

Her story of dedication and love for yoga for the past 25 years and how she came to this field is truly inspiring. Dee was a regular attendee of yoga from the age of 19, but when she was diagnosed with a stomach condition it was her yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises that helped her to start recovering. Yoga not only helped her recover but she fell in love with it and it became her daily routine. She then went on to train as a yoga teacher as she wanted to serve and help others through this beautiful healing practice..  through her many trainings Dee found that as well as the practice she loved the Philosophy of yoga and the great texts of yoga and loves to share this with her students. Patanjalis Yoga Sutras became the foundation of daily routine and the baghavad Gita a guide to life that teaches us so much..  if you really want to dive into the fascinating philosophy of yoga in an inquisitive and intriguing fun way, Dee will guide you through these amazing learnings.
 Dee’s qualifications all through Yoga Alliance and World Yoga Alliance are: 200 Hr Hatha and Restorative Yoga, 300 Hr Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, trauma led yoga, Pre and Post natal yoga, 100 Hr Yin, 250 Hr Aerial Yoga, 80 Hr Aerial Yin/Restorative, 200 Hr Aerial Pilates and Diploma in Ayurvedic Principles. 

Her practice is beautifully breath focused, pulling the awareness into the body and empowering the mind to use its capabilities for the good of the whole being.  She loves to use meditations that are complex in their simplicity and deliver them with love and grace. She really values healthy alignment of the body, the mind as well as a heartfelt and kind inner attitude. 


Dee loves to hold nurturing and compassionate spaces where students can come home to themselves and realise the wisdom, strength and beauty that lives within them all.


Assistant yoga & host Gianluca i 

Italian born and world citizen, Gianluca was lucky enough to live and experience yoga in many countries worldwide and has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Gianluca has also been a student on Vari Morales yoga teacher training courses in Bali previously. After the training with Vari, Gianluca was able embrace yoga as a lifestyle and decided to stay in Bali for a year to continue his study and training with some of the best known teachers in the world including Dylan Werner, Janet Stone and Talia Sutra. For the past 5 years Gianluca has been a dedicated student of Vinyasa, breath work, Vipassana meditation, energy work and sound healing throughout The Netherlands, Italy and  Sri Lanka. Gianluca is most known for his empowering, strong vinyasa classes and breathwork workshops where he uses the vibrations of his instruments for profound healing experiences. Not only will Gianluca be assisting during the classes helping your learn and practice the correct techniques, he will be also be making sure every part of your journey is comfortable during your stay with us. 


The Studio


Create memories of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful tropical beach locations in all of Sri Lanka... Imagine beautiful nature, beachside cafes, swinging monkeys in coconut trees, beach bars and tasty local cuisine. Relax & sleep in a laid-back beach retreat, eat well to restore, revive and feel amazing. 





Exploring Hiriketiya is a voyage of discovery. On the one hand, there is the tropical beach area that has a distinct chilled surfer vibe about it - with its perfect beginner surf and cosy beach bars in the sand selling watermelon daiquiris, to where the days fresh catch is still brought ashore by the local fishermen. You will find a few beachside restaurants and backstreet cafes serving up delicious coffee and more. 


If beautiful beaches, delicious food, rich culture and stunning landscape aren’t enough to convince you to hop on a plane to Sri Lanka, then take a look at the amazing wildlife that this little island in the Indian ocean offers. Despite its size, the country possesses an extremely high degree of biodiversity and is considered one of the top biodiversity hotspots in the world. Going on a safari in Sri Lanka is one of the best things to add to your itinerary. 


Love elephants and wondering where to see elephants in Sri Lanka, then join our wildlife safari tour in Udawalawe National Park, which is included in your yoga teacher training experience with us. There are more than 500 elephants that roam freely and wild buffaloes that play in the waterholes. Our guide is extremely knowledgeable and you will also have the chance to see incredible bird life and lizards too.... Something you shouldn’t miss on your travels to Sri Lanka.


You also have the time during your stay with us, to Visit Yala National Park because it not only inhabits elephants but over 25 leopards too. You can also catch a glimpse of jackals, jungle bears, crocodiles and much more. 

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